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From the Pastor's DeskJune 2015 - “Preach the Gospel at ALL times…if necessary use words!”

I referenced this quote in last Sunday’s sermon. It was our Mission Trip T-shirt from 2007. I have been thinking about how we, as a congregation at Erin, are about to live out this quote as we prepare to host the MCREST (Macomb County Rotating Emergency Shelter) Program here at Erin.

When I received the call from MCREST six weeks ago, I wasn’t sure how the Session would respond. Would it be asking too much too soon? Given the size of the congregation, should I be asking at all? Would memories of past, negative encounters, be a barrier? I wondered…….. After nominal discussion, the Session unanimously voted to be the Body of Christ, in service to others, right here in Roseville. At that very moment, I could not have been more proud, to be able to call myself your Pastor.

The last thing I do on Sunday mornings, as I leave my office walking into worship, is to pat my wrist. (No, I’m not checking my pulse – or to see if I have a watch) I’m checking to make sure my silver cuff bracelet hasn’t fallen off in the process of putting on my robe, stole, and wireless mic pack. The words from Philippians 4:13 are engraved on this bracelet, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This verse serves as a source of strength, encouragement – a personal cheerleading team if you will – and reminder, for doing the work of Christ here on planet Earth.

I remind you of this, because doing the Lord’s work is hard work! Things may or may not go according to plan when MCREST is here. But we will adapt. We will cook, and clean, and offer kind words, a few prayers, and we will be tired. But we will be rewarded in our service to others as we offer our care and shelter to those less fortunate than ourselves. We will have a short two week rest, and then we will rise again to the task of providing hospitality as Erin will serve as headquarters for the Gratiot Cruise on June 20th. While Erin has participated in the Gratiot Cruise in previous years, this year, we have been chosen as cruise headquarters which includes hosting the VIP Tent including the Opening Ceremonies. This offers Erin a tremendous opportunity of outreach and to be a positive force, acting within our community. I end this article with the words used at the opening “Preach the Gospel at all times…if necessary use words!”

Grace and gratitude,
Pastor Nancy